Yoga, Self Care, & Relaxation for Parents & Care Givers of Children with Special Needs
Sundays, 11am-12pm at Indigo Hot Yoga (this is a non-hot series) with Heather Carew

Why take this specialized yoga class?
A specialized class is targeted to a specific population and provides a way to form a community to support each other. Our Yoga and Relaxation for Parents and Caregivers of Children with Special Needs provides a safe space for parents, family members, therapists and teachers of students with special needs to come together to learn self-care and relaxation strategies as well as share their experiences with each other.

What makes this class different from a regular yoga class? 
This class is lead by Heather Carew, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Behaviorist who has worked w
ith children with special needs, their families and their educators both in the home and in schools for over 20 years. Heather is aware of the unique struggles and stress that family members and educators of children with special needs experience on a daily basis.


What can I expect when I come to class?
When you first come to the class everyone will be seated in a circle and have some time to share current stressors and barriers they are facing that prevent them from taking care of themselves. There will be no pressure to share more than you 
would like to say. Heather will then review some relaxation techniques that you can do at home. The class will end with some yoga and meditation. We are always open to hearing from you once you take the class in order to continue to make the class fit your needs.