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We understand scheduling can be tough sometimes. Now On Demand Online Workshops are ready whenever you are and are right here at your finger tips to be done from the comfort of your home or on the go! You no longer need to wait months for your favorite workshop to be scheduled! Check out our offerings of On Demand Workshops. Simply explore our menu of workshops, click to purchase, and we’ll send you the link to the recorded version of the live workshop.

The Ancient practice of skin mapping + yoga purification techniques

Learn the ancient practice of skin mapping and the yoga purification techniques associated with those areas of the body. For example, a rash on x part of the face corresponds to an issue with y organ and then explore the yoga based recommendations to alleviate these issues. Led by Jennifer Gabel

Beginner Yoga Workshop

Are you brand new to yoga or are you trying to re-learn the basics so that you feel a little more comfortable jumping in to some more challenging classes? Join us for a Beginner Yoga Workshop where you will learn the fundamentals of some of the main basic poses. We will teach you how to develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice by building a strong yoga foundation that you can use to grow in future classes. Led by Cindy Romano

BreathE, Relax + Improved Health with the Vagus Nerve

Playing a fundamental role in the parasympathetic nervous system, the Vagus Nerve is responsible for our ability to rest and recharge and when stimulated, this nerve results in a calming and soothing sensation through the body. In this workshop, explore how we can stimulate vagal tone using simple techniques.  Learn how we can balance that relaxation by creating a sense of stability, working to center and strengthen, mentally, physically and emotionally. Led by Cindy Romano 


Breathwork Workshop

Breathwork is a powerful meditation tool, using a specific and active pranayama to release stagnant energy and blocks that are keeping you from living your authentic life. In therapy, we heal the mind. In breathwork, we release the energy from our traumas, hurt, disappointment, bad experiences, and the walls that we’ve built up from the unhealthy messages we’ve been given. We can free our bodies from being dragged down by the false messages that no longer serve us. Now is the time to let it all go, release other people’s expectations and interpretations of us, and start living our lives wholly and authentically. Led by Tiffany Curren

Chakra + yin workshop

Explore and balance your chakra system through yin yoga & mantras. This workshop will take you through all the basics of learning about the chakra system and how to clear them using yoga. Begin by learning what 7 main chakras are and how they can affect your health and wellness. Explore where the chakras are located, how they can affect different aspects of your life and how you know they are balanced or possibly out of line using a chakra analysis quiz. Then participate in a chakra balancing/clearing Yin Yoga class to help open and balance your own chakra system. Yin yoga is a slow and meditative form of yoga where poses are held for 2-5 minutes to help deeply stretch your body. Led by Gina Vinick

Conditioning: Finding Your Sthira

Has Vinyasa become reckless pursuit of flexibility? If you look at Instagram, you might think so. But to properly flow through asana, you must also have the stability to move into, out of, and hold your poses with steadiness and ease. Learn how to incorporate strength work into your asana to better shore up your body and create deep, well-balanced, and supported postures. We will flow through a strength-focused class and will close with a discussion of how to incorporate concepts like repetition, holds, pulling, and pushing into your practice. All levels welcome. Led by Jordan Best

Demystifying Arm Balances

This fun and dynamic workshop will teach you how to approach a variety of arm balances with greater confidence. Focusing on body organization, you will learn how structure, not strength, are the foundation of these playful poses. Bring a playful spirit and a willingness to dance with your limitations. Together we will demystify arm balances so you can gain the confidence and knowledge to take flight! Led by Jordan Best

Exploring methods of meditation

Meditation is the art of looking inside ones inner being. When you give yourself the opportunity to slow down you’re able to feel, observe, and let go. Students will practice a variety of meditations, gentle stretches, breathing and journaling exercises that they can incorporate into their own daily home meditation practice. Led by Camille Alonso


Life has become so fast-paced, always rushing from one thing to the next. So too can our yoga practices become about getting through a series of postures, one right after the other. In this workshop we will slow down and explore transitions between poses. Allowing yourself moments of freedom, grace, and creativity, unlock new connections to yourself and your practice by exploring the spaces between. We will flow through a class exploring transitions through standing, seated and inverted postures. Following our flow, we will discuss ways to incorporate creative transitions into your practice. All levels welcome, modifications will be offered. Led by Jordan Best



Explore different relaxation techniques and methods to bring you into a comfortable and restful Savasana. Allow fatigued muscles to relax, tense shoulders and jaws to soften, and the eyes gently close to reflect a quieter state of mind to find a state of stillness, peace & joy. Led by Cindy Romano


Finding your way out of the fight or flight cycle 


Say goodbye to the stress cycle. Do you feel like you are constantly stressing? Are you always on edge? Perhaps you are having trouble sleeping? Spend an hour learning movement and breath techniques to go from “ fight or flight” to “rest and digest”. Leave the cycle of stress and find peace with these simple tools. Led by Cindy Romano


Gratitude Meditation Workshop  


This meditation workshop invites us to to stop and notice the many reasons we have to be grateful. Gratitude reminds us that we can experience joy and calm even in the midst of our challenges and the overall complexity of our life. Led by Tiffany Curren


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Intensive


Develop a knowledge base and comfort level for teaching pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy, birth and beyond. This intensive training includes demonstration, lecture, practice teaching, and independent study. Participants will learn about the physical anatomical, emotional, and mental changes of a woman’s body and deveoping baby through the stages of pregnancy. Explore pain-coping and relaxation techniques and learn about common discomforts and how to modify your practice to help alleviate them. This program is great for yoga instructors, yoga teacher trainees, doula’s and labor support people, and pregnant women looking to learn more about her pregnancy, birth, and recovery applied to her yoga practice. Led by Stephanie Parcells


Props are your friends


Whether you are looking for the building blocks of a new practice or to improve the foundation of your existing practice, this workshop explores different ways to use props in yoga poses to modify and even advance your yoga practice. Led by Cindy Romano


Sequencing to a Peak: Break it Down to Build it Up

Mystified about how to get to a handstand, backbend or full split? In this workshop we will explore peak poses and how to prepare the body with smart and thoughtful sequencing. We’ll flow through a class and then discuss how we prepared the body for the peak pose. You’ll come away with a method of breaking down your peak by “what is strong vs. what is long” enabling you to focus your sequencing to prepare the body for any peak pose. All levels welcome. Led by Jordan Best


Teaching Adaptive Yoga to Children with Special Needs

This training focuses on Observational Skills, (What to Notice) Creating the Setting/Tone, Designing Appropriate Movement & Mindfulness Activities and affirmations. This workshop is designed to cultivate the adaptive skills necessary for teaching yoga classes to children with special needs including ADD/ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorders, Autism Spectrum, PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder –Not Otherwise Specified) in studio,

school and therapeutic settings. Topics covered will be terms and definitions, observational skills, setting the class scene, smooth transition strategies, cueing language, tone, cadence,
developmentally appropriate sequencing of poses, mindfulness awareness activities, effective use of props, guidelines for hands on adjustments and safety precautions, peace & calming
savasana variations. The inspiration and goal of this workshop is to give children’s yoga teachers, parents, caregivers and educators the tools to create a space of community, empowerment and self love for all children to live their best optimally healthy life mind body and spirit. Led by Heidi Camuti

*In order to receive a certificate of completion for this training, you must participate in the live version.


Yoga for Runners + Athletes

Whether you’re gearing up for a virtual race this fall or sneaking in a few miles to get out of the house during quarantine, running can be a wonderful activity for both body and mind. But with the miles can come tight muscles, sore joints, and all sorts of aches and pains. This workshop will explore how yoga can become a wonderful complement to your running program. Yoga not only provides a much needed stretch for runners, but also focuses on creating stability around the joints that carry us down the road. With six full marathons, lots of half-marathons, and more road races that she can count under her belt, Jordan will lead you through a flow and talk about what muscles are overworked, or underused during running and how yoga can help create more balance. Led by Jordan Best

Yoga Pose Breakdown: Compass, 8-Angle,

Jordan breaks down alignment points of this advanced arm balancing pose and helps you to understand how to progress toward achieving 8-angle pose, how to properly enter and exit the pose and efficiently hold or move through advanced poses.  Led by Jordan Best


Yoga Pose Breakdown: Take Flight in Crow, Side Crow + Flying Crow

This fun and dynamic workshop will teach you how to approach the crow family and how to take flight in crow, side crow  and flying crow arm balances with greater confidence. We’ll break down alignment and focus on body organization, strength and ease. We’ll look at variations to make each of these poses more accessible. Bring a playful spirit and a willingness to dance with your limitations. Led by Jordan Best


Yoga pose breakdown, drills + exercises for handstands

Have you wanted to try a handstand, but don’t know where to start? Do you jump up to the wall, but you’re not sure how to balance? Join Jordan to learn the ins and outs of handstanding. We’ll cover not just the pose itself, but drills and exercises to incorporate into you practice as you set off on your handstanding journey. We will break down everything from fingertips to toes and show how it all fits together. Grab a pair of socks, find some wall space, and let’s get upside down. Led by Jordan Best


Yoga Pose breakdown: float your vinyasa with jumpbacks

Learn how to gracefully transition your vinyasa with jump backs and jumping forward. Led by Jordan Best

Yoga Pose breakdown: flying pigeon

We’ll explore how progress into challenging arm balances and deep hip opening stretches, working toward taking the steps to take flight in flying pigeon pose. Led by Jordan Best


Busy schedule? Enjoy your workshop on your time!