When: Saturday, April 27, 12-2pm
Where: Indigo Yoga, 351 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell
Price: $40
Led by: Tiffany Curren

Are you finding that you’re feeling stuck? Maybe life is pretty good, but you aren’t totally rocking it. I will tell you that the power to grow, transform, and create your dream life is within you. All you’ve got to do is breathe, and allow the energy and barriers that no longer serve you to move out.Breathwork is a powerful meditation tool. Using a specific and active pranayama to release stagnant energy and blocks that are keeping you from living your authentic life, we will dive deep and find our personal power and healing potential through the breath.

This workshop will begin with a short discussion about how we view our lives, and the messages we replay that are holding us back from really living. We’ll take some time to journal and envision the life we want, practice co-listening, experience a short guided meditation, and then begin the breath. This class ends with an extended savasana to allow for the process of integration.

Journals will be provided.

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