Saturday, October 17th from 12:00-5:00PM

Participants in this program will develop a knowledge base and comfort level for teaching pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy, birth and beyond. The NJ Yoga Teacher Training Prenatal program includes demonstration, lecture, class observations, practice teaching, and independent study.

This program is great for yoga instructors, yoga teacher trainees, doula’s and labor support people, and pregnant women looking to learn more about her pregnancy, birth, and recovery applied to her yoga practice.


Pregnancy from physiological, emotional and energetic perspectives
Anatomy and physical changes of a woman’s body and developing baby through the stages of pregnancy
Common pregnancy discomforts and the yoga practices that can alleviate them
Which poses to avoid and why
Prenatal yoga asana and modifications
Understanding the progression of labor and birth
Relaxation and pain-coping techniques
Prenatal teaching methodology
Teaching techniques and tips for sequencing
… and much more

$175 Regular rate ($100 off for 300-hour NJYTT  to use as specialized module)
*Tuition includes NJYTT Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Manual

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