Sunday, September 27 from 1:00-3:00PM

Have you ever been in a class and heard a cue and thought “what does that even mean?” or got into a pose and wondered (i) “Am I really doing this correctly?” or (ii) internally screaming “why are we doing this pose?!” Even if you are a new Yogi or a seasoned one, join yoga nerd Cathy as she breaks the FUNdamentals of beginner yoga poses, how different anatomies may approach poses, and how props are your best friend on the mat. This workshop will be experimental, discussion and traditional class setting.

Throughout this workshop we will look at:

• An overview of the most common “Beginner” Poses with modifications and
their benefits
• Warm Up Sequence:
– Shoulders/Neck/Upper Back
– Thoracic Spine
– Hip Flexors/Quads/Hamstrings
– Core/Posterior Chain
• Beginner Yoga practice w/ use and discussion of props

• Anatomy breakdown of each pose
• How body anatomies affect poses and Biomechanics (the HOW and WHAT)
• Contraindications
• Tips for your home practice and for teachers

What to bring:

• Wear comfortable/regular yoga clothes
• Pen & Paper
• Water
• Yoga mat/blocks/straps/bolster – if you don’t have these items at home, great alternatives to those props are towels, books, a tie/extra pair of yoga pants and a few pillows.

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