Kids + Teens Programs

Indigo instructors will lead our youth to tap into creativity through a variety of yoga and activities. Our programs help to build confidence, self esteem, body awareness + coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, increased mindfulness, focus and concentration, emphasis on positivity, acceptance, kindness and community, relieve stress and anxiety, and overall mental and physical health.

kids Aerial yoga Flyers series

$90 for Wednesdays 5:30pm- 4 week series

$90 for  Thursdays 3:45pm- TEENS ONLY – 4 week series

 $160 for 8-Week Series. Fridays 330pm/430pm

The Kids Flyers class uses the aerial hammocks to build strength, confidence, courage and self esteem and to balance out and relieve stress and anxiety and achieve deeper stretches.

Fly free with Teens Flyers Aerial Yoga to:
– Boost self esteem, confidence, and body acceptance
– Improve body awareness + coordination
– Focus on proper alignment to help understand correct postural alignment
– Build strength and flexibility
– Improve balance, focus and concentration

kids Storytime Swirl & Twirl series. Ages 4-6

 $112 for 4-Week Series

4 Week Storytime Swirl & Twirl for Ages 4-6 years with Miss Cindy!

Dates March 13,20th,27th and April 3rd.

Mondays 1:30pm-2:15pm

Silks, Mat Yoga and Story Time Fun!!

This 45-min class is geared towards 4-6 year olds and incorporates a themed story while exploring poses in the aerial hammocks and the yoga mat. This is a fun class that brings all elements of yoga in a fun way! 

Mommy and Me Series!

Mommy & Me Yoga Series is great for Mommy and Baby!

Welcoming ages 6 weeks to Crawling!

Experience a fun class led by Jianna Shah to connect with your baby, make time to connect mind/body and soul and build friendships with other moms in the community!



Kids Yoga series

Fun Friday After school Series for Ages 5-9!

6 Week series. 2/3-3/10


With Miss Frankie!


Yogis come together for reflection and relaxation in a safe, supportive and fun environment and to work on strength and flexibility, while learning about respect,  positive body image, mindfulness and stress management

This series will…
– Boost self esteem, confidence, and body acceptance
– Improve the ability to focus and concentrate
– Offer poses to address moods swings, depression, and how to reflect on and handle our emotions & feelings
– Focus on proper alignment to help understand correct postural alignment in the rest of their lives
– Build body awareness and coordination, strength, flexibility and balance


Kids Summer Yoga + Arts Camp

  4-Day Camp Sessions- Monday-Friday

3 Weeks to choose from!

June 26th, July 10th & July 31st!

Music, Art,Yoga & Aerial Yoga!



Yogi camp instructors will lead our campers to tap into creativity through a variety of arts and crafts, music, circle chats, playing games, enjoying outdoor time and balancing out the day with yoga, aerial yoga and mindful activities.

Not only can you expect to see a smile on your child’s face, but you should expect to see a transformation in your child with the help of yoga practices + mindful activities working on our themed development focuses.

Development Focuses Include:
– Improve focus, concentration and active listening
– Become more comfortable in social settings and speaking in groups of peers
– Improve body awareness and help understand + correct alignment and posture
– Build strength, flexibility and balance
– Boost self esteem, confidence and body acceptance
– Reduce and relieve stress, anxiety and depression in our youth
– Explore different arts and get creative
– Learn the yogic principles of ethics and morals which include: non-violence, trust and honesty, not stealing, generosity and helping others, avoiding greed, respect, discipline, self reflection, work ethic, staying humble and being content