We’re so excited to announce that our featured Indiyogi in the Spotlight is Mary McCourt!


Mary has been practicing yoga over 2 years, after finally taking the plunge and stepping through our doors after passing the studio over and over and making excuses time after time.  She began her practice with Indigo Yoga through our 4-Week Beginner Series and has never turned back; now a frequent friendly face at the studio,  Mary shared with us that yoga gives her “joy, strength, peace, and focus.. confidence, and the ability to just be in the moment”, and that the practice “challenges her and makes her feel alive.”




Mary is inspired by many.. including the teachers who encourage her, guide her and have welcomed her into the Indigo Yoga community.  When asked what one thing she would share with her community, she replied, “to enjoy the journey of the poses: learning as you move in and out of the poses and having those moments where you realize, ‘that’s it!’.  The moment may not be present in every class, but it’s knowing that it’s a constant journey, a constant growing.. and knowing that there’s always something more to come.  It’s about losing yourself enough in the practice to not lose those moments.”



When Mary is not in the studio, she loves to go for trots with her faithful German Shepherd companion Annie.  She also loves to read, cook, bake, and garden.  She loves creating, whether it’s in the kitchen or the workroom, at the easel, or in the garden.  She’s never bored!  She loves being in the ocean, has an offbeat sense of humor, and enjoys a cold cocktail on a hot summer night as the sun sets.  She loves all sorts of music, and has some truly memorable moments with some great artists!
DID YOU KNOW: She was once kissed by David Bowie backstage in NYC during the 1983 Serious Moonlight Tour? She also stood on the side stage with Carlos Santana and watched the Allman Brothers perform at Woodstock ’94!!!!
This rad Indiyogi is an amazing soul with a big and honest heart, and is comfortable in her perfect imperfection.. and we LOVE everything about that!
Finally, we’d like to congratulate Mary on her retirement after almost 3 decades as an art educator!  This (former) art-teacher-by-day is also a self-proclaimed ‘Master of the Lost Hippie Arts’ in her spare time, frequently gracing our studio with her creativity and her hand-crafted pieces.  She just began offering our community beautiful hand-sculpted, hand-painted mudra hands art pieces for purchase and for special order!  See them on display at our studios and inquire at the front desk for more information and pricing!




Make sure to say HELLO next time you see Mary at Indigo.. we’re sure she’ll inspire you just as much as she inspires us!