By Stephanie Parcells,
Owner of the Indigo Yoga studios and NJ Yoga Teacher Training

Every time you take your first steps toward a new goal, write down why you want this and what is good about your project for not only you but for others.

Every day reread your message and just remember…

There will be days when you feel smaller and less confident than other people who are on the ladder – remember why you’re doing this. Learn from those people and absorb all lessons like a sponge. Believe in yourself and in your mission, because if you don’t neither will anyone else.

There will be days with obstacles – remember why you’re doing this and don’t give up. Be open to trying a new plan & new ideas, and change your route. Adapt and keep going.

There will be days of temptations – remember why you’re doing this. Don’t be greedy. Don’t take short cuts. Don’t step on anyone on your way up the ladder, you may need their support if ever you want or need to climb your way down. Be honest, be humble, be true to your word.

There will come a day when you have climbed the ladder and someone who was inspired by you takes their first steps toward their goal. Turn around and offer your hand and help them up the ladder. Lift them up and even push them up past you… they may make a great difference in the world. Tell them to always remember why they started.

Do it for the right reasons. and remember why you started.

Stephanie Parcells
owner of the Indigo Yoga studios and NJ Yoga Teacher Training