Sunday, December 15th  6:30-9:00PM

Happy birthday to us and Happy Holidays to all! ‘Tis the season for gifts, games, and good friends! Everyone is invited! Join your yogi friends at for a festive night of cookies and snacks, hot chocolate and drinks, some live music ….. and everyone’s favorite holiday game! This game goes by many names: pollyanna, secret santa, white elephant exchange, thieving elves, the grinch exchange, rob a santa, etc. Call it what you want, but come play!    

The game will be yoga-inspired, so here are just a few gift ideas to give you some inspiration: – yoga mat, props, and accessories – Buddha figurines and yoga-inspired art and home decor – Essential oils, diffusers, and candles – inspirational books – Karma Charms, malas, or other yogi jewelry – Indigo Yoga clothes or gift cards!  

To join us, CLICK here.