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Yoga Teacher Trainings

Learning is an ongoing journey and we are life-long students. Continue to broaden your knowledge base as a yoga instructor, yogi, and learner of life! Explore our menu of offerings of continued education resources to dive deeper into the history and philosophy of yoga, and learn more about techniques, methods and styles of meditation, yoga and fitness.

Prenatal Yoga teacher training

Level One Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Rosie Lazroe
Become a Yoga Alliance certified prenatal yoga teacher upon completion of the Bountiful Blessings Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course, created and led by Rosie Lazroe. This level one 35-hour training teaches you how to create and lead prenatal yoga classes that will leave your students feeling fully empowered and deeply nourished. You will learn how to sequence asana, pranayama & meditation safely and effectively, with modifications for every trimester. Yoga teachers, mothers-to-be, doulas and midwives will benefit greatly from this course.
The training incorporates Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and Kundalini Yoga for Pregnancy. The following yoga props will be required, and can be provided to use during the training if needed:
1-2 yoga mats
2-4 yoga blocks
1-2 bolsters
2-4 blankets
Yoga Alliance:
RPYT badge is issued through Yoga Alliance after both levels in the full 85-hour training are completed. 
Manual and Certification:
Upon completion of this 35-hour training, you will receive a prenatal yoga teacher certificate that is recognized by the Yoga Alliance and will permit you to teach prenatal yoga in a professional setting.
A comprehensive PDF manual will be provided on the first day of training, along with a list of suggested supplemental reading materials. 
Course Dates:
This training takes place over two weekends, followed by an online support call on the Zoom platform to assist you in completing your practicum:
Studio: March 4th & 5th 12:00-7:00pm
Studio: March 18th & 19th 12:00-7:00pm
Online: March 26th 7:30-8:30pm
Tuition: $600
About Your Trainer:
Rosie Lazroe founded Bountiful Blessings Yoga in 2018 after 18 years of studying and teaching the practice. Her prenatal yoga classes are designed to help empower women & mothers from all walks of life, and her goal is to train prenatal yoga teachers to do the same.

aerIAL yoga teacher Training

Fly + Release Teacher Training Immersion will give you the ability and confidence to become a world-class, mindful, empowered and inspiring teacher.

Aerial Training Dates:

May 6, 11-5pm

May 7, 9:30- 4:30pm
Attend aerial class @ Indigo 9:45-10:30am

May 20, 10-5pm
Attend aerial class @ Indigo 10-11am

May 21, 9:30- 4:30pm
Attend aerial class @ Indigo 9:45-10:30am

Tuition: $1295


Teaching Adaptive Yoga to Children with Special Needs

Learn how to teach yoga to children with special needs. This training focuses on Observational Skills, (What to Notice) Creating the Setting/Tone, Designing Appropriate Movement & Mindfulness Activities and affirmations. This workshop is designed to cultivate the adaptive skills necessary for teaching yoga classes to children with special needs including ADD/ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorders, Autism Spectrum, PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder –Not Otherwise Specified) in studio, school and therapeutic settings. Topics covered will be terms and definitions, observational skills, setting the class scene, smooth transition strategies, cueing language, tone, cadence, developmentally appropriate sequencing of poses, mindfulness awareness activities, effective use of props, guidelines for hands on adjustments and safety precautions, peace & calming savasana variations.  The inspiration and goal of this workshop is to give children’s yoga teachers, parents, caregivers and educators the tools to create a space of community, empowerment and self love for all children to live their best optimally healthy life mind body and spirit. Led by Heidi Camuti

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

This intensive training will prepare you with the understanding and ability to bring the nurturing style of restorative yoga into your personal practice and to share with your clients. Learn the principles required to teach a safe class to every person’s individual needs and how to create a relaxing environment to support the experience. Learn the benefits, poses + sequencing, use of props, cues and assists to achieve deeper levels of release involved in restorative yoga. Led by Cindy Romano


Yoga with Props Teacher Training

In this training you will learn techniques and methods for providing yoga in a more accessible way with a specific focus on physical disabilities and the elderly. You will learn how to build creative sequencing which incorporate props such as blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, balls, etc and how to prepare and sequence an effective and beneficial chair yoga class for various levels. Led by Cindy Romano

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

In this Training Intensive, you will gain a deeper understanding of Yin Yoga as a practice, while focusing on considerations as both a student and a teacher. You’ll also learn how to sequence a yin yoga class, and learning Yin Yoga poses and adjustments. Led by Cindy Romano

Meditation Teacher Training

Want to deepen your meditation practice? Join and be a part of this immersive training which explores the broad spectrum of meditation approaches and their benefits. We will cover teaching methodology and language, various techniques, concepts and practice, and guidelines for a personal practice. Training will be experiential in nature and you will leave with the confidence to continue your own practice as well as lead meditation for others. This Training is ideal for Yoga Teachers, Healers, Health & Wellness Coaches, Physicians, Nurses, Midwives, Doulas, Therapists, Counselors, Teachers, Social Workers, Executives, and anyone else seeking to share the profound benefits of stress-reduction with others. Led by Camille Alonso


Authentic Social Media Marketing for Yoga Teachers

 Join Heidi Camuti , Yoga Instructor , former broadcast journalist for A&E Biography series and Social Media Manager for Indigo Yoga for this 4 hr. intensive designed specifically for yoga instructors . Through writing exercises and hands on designing you will go through a process of defining, styling , and finding your storytelling voice and aesthetic to express your personal brand as a yoga instructor consistently across platforms using content calendaring and strategy mapping . Bring a journal to write , cell phone , charger , and/or desktop to dig in and create clarity around your vision and social media image.



Learn to safely & effectively teach yoga to kids, tweens, and teen. We will give you tips & tricks to meet the growing needs of youth, create & deliver transformative practices in this fun exploration of mind & body. This training is great for parents, care givers, school teachers & yoga instructors. Led by Cindy Romano

Hot yoga Teacher Training


In this intensive training will you will gain an understanding of Hot Yoga, focusing on logistical considerations when teaching a Heated Vinyasa or Power Class, student safety + self-care, and sequencing. (This is not a Bikram or Hot 26 training). Led by Donna Donofrio


Learn the possibilities of doing yoga with a chair. Chair yoga makes the practice accessible to everyone. We will learn seated and standing poses. Learn how to sequence a class according to the needs of your students. Led by Cindy Romano


This Barre Teacher Training, approved by the American Council of Exercise, will teach the proper methods of “barre-infused” movements and can be used as continued education fitness hours.In this Barre Instructor Training:
• Trainees will develop an understanding of physical technique and how to assess and cue for movement in class.
• Trainees will learn how to teach and lead a 55 minute Barre class, with music and proper verbal cuing.
• Trainees will understand how to address students through code of ethics, and respect to their role as a teacher.
• Trainees will learn about professional acknowledgement of ailments, and how to support students, without diagnosis.
• Trainees will learn how to design their own class, structured around the elements of the “pulse”
 Led by Meghan Angello

Through lecture, self-inquiry, group discussion, and practice teaching, we will investigate trauma theories, trauma informed yoga, and body based healing. After completion of this training you will feel empowered to offer trauma informed yoga classes to a variety of populations. If you are not a yoga teacher, this training will support you in your own self regulation, offer you tools you can use with patients and clients.

As a student in this training you will:
? Gain a deeper understanding of what trauma is and the impact. Specifically, how traumatized people process information, trauma symptoms, and how trauma impacts sensorimotor processing.
? Learn how trauma affects children’s proprioception, interoception, brain development, emotional regulation, and cognition.
? Through exploration of A.C.E , complex trauma, developmental trauma, and attachment theories, you will be able to articulate the range of adaptation to trauma in early life.
? Learn tools to increase heart rate variability, increase neuroplasticity, decrease activity in the default mode network, induce the relaxation response, support nervous system regulation, body awareness, and communication. These skills will be useful in your own journey as well valuable to integrate in your role as a teacher.
? You will have tools to make your standard classes more trauma sensitive. Through practicum, you will feel empowered to offer trauma-informed yoga classes with individuals and small groups.
? We will explore recent advances in neurobiology of trauma, and how trauma-informed yoga can be a body-based tool for those healing trauma.
Led by Deb Lubetkin of Kula For Karma

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga demands great focus, enhances stability and strength, and calms the body-mind and soul while having an incredibly fun time on the water. In this training you will gain more than just the skills to teach a floating class. You get a one-stop shop ~ training and marketing support, mentoring services, innovative sequencing resources and a new community of wave-making, water-loving, high-vibing friends. Become certified to teach both pool SUP and open water SUP. Led by Jana Mars of Aqua Vida

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