Class Descriptions

Indigo Yoga offers classes for every age and level. The instructors at Indigo Yoga are here to guide you on your path to find the perfect class style for you! Each class is different and each instructor has gone through different trainings and certifications and has his/her unique touch, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of your own personal limits of mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are joining us to increase your flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, well-being, or to gain a sense of peace, we have an option for you.

Align & Flow/
Alignment Yoga

Whether you are looking for the building blocks of a new practice or to improve the foundation of your existing practice, this class offers an uplifting and empowering experience focused on establishing the principles of proper alignment.

Yoga for Everyone

Yoga for All Levels

During this class, classic yoga poses are practiced with an emphasis on alignment and options for different variations of the poses with plenty of choices of modifications and challenges. This class is appropriate for people brand new to yoga as well as folks who have been practicing for years. Like all classes at Indigo Yoga, it is important to listen to your body and choose the variations of the yoga poses that are best for you and take the time to deepen your connection to self.

Beginner Yoga Series

In this 4-week series you will learn the fundamentals of some of the main basic poses with plenty of guidance in a small group of people who are all on the same boat. We will teach you how to develop a safe and beneficial yoga practice by building a strong yoga foundation that you can use to grow in future classes. Each student will receive individual attention while learning each pose. Aside from the poses, you will be introduced to yoga philosophy and meditation techniques. Each class during this 4-week series will be led by the same Indigo teacher to mentor you and the rest of the small group. *Pre-registration for all 4 classes in necessary.

Cardio Yoga Sculpt

This yoga-based bootcamp class is a true total body workout: cardio, yoga, and muscle strengthening all in one. Suitable for all levels, this fun and effective class is a low-impact, intense, full body strengthening and toning workout. Combining movements from Pilates, barre, and yoga, this class will help you build strength & tone muscle.


A calming blend of gentle movement to release tension and stress and poses held for several breaths to allow for deeper stretches and deeper relaxation.

Good Vibes Yoga

Free your mind, body, and spirit in this fun exploration of yoga through the sounds of different genres of music every week. Be ready to get your yoga groove on.

Hot Yoga

Focus your mind as you build strength, endurance, and flexibility while allowing the heat to enhance each stretch and detox your body. Enjoy an intense yoga experience with added heat (ranging from 93-99 degrees) to cleanse and rejuvenate your body. Be prepared to work up a sweat! Bring a towel and be sure to hydrate before the class and replenish your electrolytes afterward!

Kids Yoga Playtime

A playful fusion of kids yoga, story time, and playtime to work on age-appropriate development for ages 1-4 years old.

Mommy & Baby Yoga Series

This 4-week series focuses on building the bond between parent and child in a playful and healthy way. This series combines various baby massage, yoga poses, stretches, and exercises for both mommy and baby that help strengthen and stretch both individuals and assist in the development of your child’s motor skills. This series opens up opportunities to socialize your baby (and Mommy!) and acts as a support system of new friends in the early months of your new life together. There are two separate class series for newborns to early crawlers and for crawlers to early walkers. *Pre-registration for all 4 classes in necessary.

Power Yoga

Power Vinyasa

A vigorous, flowing class that connects breath with movement. This hour of challenging poses offers an energizing workout for building endurance, body awareness, and strength. Come prepared to work up a sweat!

Prenatal Yoga

Enhance your bond with your baby in a safe, relaxed, and nurturing atmosphere while strengthening your body and mind through your pregnancy. Pre-natal yoga will strengthen the uterus and pelvis muscles, aid in digestion, improve circulation, and alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga postures, deep breathing techniques, and mantras greatly impact the quality of your pregnancy and birth experience, as well as the many physical and emotional changes you will experience after the baby arrives.

Restorative Yoga
Warm Restorative

Allow your body to melt into the mat and gain a sense of peace. Restorative yoga incorporates healing, passive poses and soothing gentle stretches to help you simply let go. This class is designed to relieve tension in the mind and body using a combination of props, essential oils, and hands on adjustments. Restorative yoga is great for those recovering from illness, injury, or for those who just need to unwind from life’s daily stresses.

Stretch and Strength

Build strength and create space in your body to improve your posture and flexibility. With a combination of strengthening poses and restorative stretching, we will develop a strong foundation, and the ability to move with more ease that will benefit you both on and off the mat. This class is perfect for all levels of yogis, runners, and athletes.

Traditional Hot 26

This class is a 60 minute version of the traditional 26 posture method series featuring 2 sets each of 26 statically held postures and 2 breathing exercises to help achieve full range of motion, lengthen muscles, improve posture and promote focus & determination. The room is set to a temperature reaching nearly 105 degrees at 40% humidity. This series is designed for all ages and fitness levels and works the entire body.

Tweens and Teens Yoga Series

This 4-week series is a playful yoga practice that allows tweens and teens to come together to boost confidence and body acceptance, relieve stress & anxiety, focus on proper alignment to help understand correct postural alignment in the rest of their lives, introduce partner poses to help build community, trust and clear communication, build strength, flexibility and balance… all in a safe and fun atmosphere so our teens can have fun, let loose and enjoy themselves. *Pre-registration for all 4 classes in preferred. Single drop-ins are allowed for this series.

Vinyasa Flow
Warm Vinyasa

A dynamic practice where breath and movement are seamlessly united so that each action encourages the other. In this class, we find the union of mind, body, and spirit by gracefully moving smoothly from one pose to another. (Warm Vinyasa adds a cozy and comfortable low heat just above room temperature to help warm the muscles for easier movement and deeper stretches.)

Wall Yoga

An alignment-oriented approach to yoga, students use the wall as a prop to deepen their practice by opening and creating space in the body. Some poses are held for several minutes and with the use of the wall and floor, a more intense stretch is achieved.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga focuses on releasing your mind, body, and spirit through passive and long-held postures. By slowing down the body’s rhythm, we experience deep relaxation and inner peace allowing us to journey into the meditative aspects of yoga. The postures in yin yoga target the connective tissue, such as ligaments and fascia around the joints and bones, especially in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Go deeper into your asana practice and experience complete bliss. Yin yoga is suitable for all levels.

Yoga Basics

In a comfortable setting, our instructors will provide students with the guidance and assistance they need to develop a safe yoga practice without the intimidation of being surrounded by more advanced yogi’s (don’t worry you’ll be one of them soon!) This class is great for beginners and for yogi’s looking to re-learn the basics.

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