Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 12:00-1:30PM

This 90 minute workshop will combine both a Chakra discussion and sound with crystal singing bowls (one for each of the 7 Chakras).

The 1st part of the workshop we’ll discuss the primary 7 Chakras and their purpose, take a personal assessment to see which of our Chakras are out of balance, discuss what happens when they are in an out of balance state, and what we can do to balance them out with a strong focus on sound healing.

The 2nd part of the workshop where we’ll discuss the importance of sound, why each bowl is tuned to the specific frequency of 432 Hz, and how each of the musical notes corresponding to the Chakras have an emotional and physical aspects attached to them.

The 3rd part of the workshop will be a 30 minute meditative sound bath tapping into the vibration and note of each bowl allowing the student to fully relax, reboot and have their Chakra system recalibrate.

*Due to the vibrations which could be intense for some, pregnant women in their 1st trimester, and anyone who has had a pacemaker, internal defibrillator, stent or shunt should not attend unless they are medically cleared by their doctor. Also, anyone who may suffer from epilepsy should also not attend unless they have consulted their doctor and have received the correct anti-epileptic medication and are not in danger of seizures from loud sounds or vibrations.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

$35 per person. 20% off for NJYTT teacher trainees. .

To Sign Up, CLICK Here.https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=47906&stype=-8&sView=day&sLoc=0&date=10/19/19