Join us for an authentic home-cooked meal where everyone will create a customized therapeutic meal of kitchari.

At this event, you will:

•discover your dosha (unique constitution) and how it should affect your lifestyle and eating habits

•learn about the ancient healing practices of ayurveda, yoga’s sister science

•uncover the gunas and learn to apply them to your daily life

•experience all six tastes present in a well-balanced meal

•savor a full, healthy lunch with gluten-free and vegan options

•practice eating mindfully and in the traditional Indian way

•enjoy conversation with new friends as we eat together, family style!

This workshop will be held at Stephanie’s home in North Caldwell (just a few miles from Indigo Yoga). Registration required. $45 per person ($10 off for NJYTT trainees)

To sign up, CLICK HERE.